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Accessory Kits

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"Get Your Reptile Ready with Our Accessory Kits!"
Looking to get your reptile ready for the perfect setup? Look no further than GS Exotics & Reptilarium's Accessory Kits! Our kits are designed to provide everything your scaly friend needs for a comfortable and thriving environment. From heat lamps to hiding spots, we've got you covered. Shop now and give your reptile the best care it deserves!
Our address is -
GS Exotics & Reptilarium
Unit 3, Llay Road Industrial Estate,
Llay, Wrexham. LL12 0TU
Contact us for additional information at:
Or give us a phone call:
0151 245 5301
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Animal Activities Licence issued by Wrexham Council -  570724
Pet Shop Licence issued by Wrexham Council -  570663
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