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Boarding T&C

Terms & Conditions
Boarding Terms and Conditions
The following Boarding Terms and Conditions apply to the use of GS Exotics. By booking an appointment for our boarding service; you are subject to the following Terms and Conditions. Use of GS Exotics is an acceptance in agreement with these Terms and Conditions. Our Boarding Terms and Conditions are an addition to our standard Terms and Conditions.
1.1: Due to issues encountered over the years, we have changed certain aspects of our boarding facility. Initially, we take the dates required for boarding and your contact details.
1.2: When we receive your booking, we will give you the exact amount payable via email. Once you approve, you will receive a confirmation emails containing your confirmation, drop-off and collection dates.
2.1: Payment is due 48 hours before boarding term; we accept card or cash payments.

2.2: The boarding dates include the day you drop off and the day you collect, regardless of the timings.
3.1: Unfortunately, we cannot offer a refund if your animal is collected early; we reserve the setup for the whole period.
3.2: If you fail to collect on time, we will try to contact you. Additional days will have to be paid for, charged at the standard rate. We reserve the right to re-home the animal after 14 days of the due date, and no contact has been received.
3.1: We accept no liability for any animal that refuses to eat, becomes sick, fatigued or passes away whilst in our care.
3.2: We request that you report your animal's poor health or general worries to us before booking. We perform a health check on arrival to ensure the animal's condition is suitable for our living conditions and the safety of our other other reptiles.
3.3: Your pets will never mix with anyone else's animals.
Our address is -
GS Exotics & Reptilarium
Unit 3, Llay Road Industrial Estate,
Llay, Wrexham. LL12 0TU
Contact us for additional information at:
Or give us a phone call:
0151 245 5301
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Animal Activities Licence issued by Wrexham Council -  570724
Pet Shop Licence issued by Wrexham Council -  570663
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